Solar Light Poles

Solar Light Poles

Since 2010 SX5 Group have designed & manufactured Relocatable Solar Light Poles. These poles were originally developed for projects in remote areas where very little infrastructure was available and are now a quick, affordable lighting solution. By not needing to provide power for the light poles means supplying a smaller generator to the camp and therefore, using less fuel: Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

solar-light-poleThe light poles are equipped with a Hydraulic Ram Kit on the Light Pole Mast. This means the light poles are now able to be raised and lowered with minimal risk and equipment for quicker, safer, and less costly; maintenance, installation and transport.

With the recent addition of the CCTV integration option, the light poles now double as a Security system. The light poles are now equipped with security cameras which can be accessed via WiFi or 3G internet connection and can be activated by motion detection. The user can interact with the security camera at any time and monitor the venue or yard where the cameras are positioned in real-time. The images can also be downloaded and recorded for future review or use.


  • 6 Metres in Height
  • CCTV integration
  • Up to 5 Days Back-up Power
  • Hydraulic Lift Lighting Mast
  • D Region Wind Rating
  • Solar Panel & Rechargeable Batteries
  • Automatic Lighting Cycle
  • 30Watt, 50Watt, or 80Watt LED Lighting Head
  • Insect Repellent Lighting Heads Available
  • 5 Tonne Concrete Footing Block
  • Relocatable by Forklift or Crane

The growing popularity of these poles has created a new product and successful side project for Civil Road and Rail Pty Ltd.

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