Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems Pty Ltd

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems Pty Ltd

Portaccomm Building Systems

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems designs, manufactures and installs high quality buildings which are built to withstand the harsh realities of the Pilbara climate including the extreme heat and cyclonic wind conditions of the region.

Here, innovative thinking combined with proven capabilities are used to create world class, environmentally sustainable facilities that meet the needs of our clients.

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems has stamped itself as a leading Aboriginal Contracting Company in the Pilbara specialising in building construction and site installations of mining camps and central facilities.

Our buildings are constructed from the most stringent specifications which, in time, will be the bench mark for the industry. In addition, these buildings were engineered and tested for a period of twelve months prior to being initially marketed to our clients.

Our priority is to produce buildings that are able to cope with the harsh conditions in the Pilbara, mainly extreme heat and cyclones. Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems delivers 6-star sustainable energy ratings.

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems have built and installed kitchen and dining facilities that become the cyclone refuge shelter for the mine sites when needed.

We provide a full range of project management, design, construction and general fit out services to the mining and domestic sector.

The frames and cladding are manufactured at our Perth and Karratha facilities using state of the art computer guided roll form technology which, together with our superior anchoring systems produce what we believe to be the best buildings available. The frames and cladding are then assembled by our specialist teams.

Quality and safety is our commitment through out the processes, we have engineered a building anchoring system for steel skids, utilising multiple anchors being set down in concrete up to 2.4 metres in depth. This engineered and certified system is far superior to conventional pre-cast fixings.

“Safety First, Value for Money & Nil Dispute”

—Ralph Keller, Managing Director


“Goods and services under the PORTACCOMM BUILDING SYSTEMS trade mark are supplied only within the State of Western Australia”