Portacrete® SX5 Pty Ltd

Portacrete® SX5 Pty Ltd

Portacrete SX5

An Aboriginal Contracting Company supplying remote jobs with high quality concrete from stabilised materials to high strength structural concrete.

“The Pilbara’s Mobile Concrete Batching Specialists”

Portacrete ® SX5 currently has a Concrete Batch Plant set up in Pannawonica, WA. We have been based in Pannawonica since 2010 supplying concrete in the town and surrounding sites.

Portacrete ® SX5 started in early 2010 to supply remote jobs with high quality concrete from stabilised materials to high strength structural concrete for structural bridges.

Portacrete ® SX5 provides mobile on site concrete batching services with the latest up to date Sami batching equipment from Italy. Portacrete ® SX5 can now produce concrete of all strengths and types from a 100kg mix to 60m3 per hour continuously with accuracy to 99.9%.

Portacrete ® SX5 has batching equipment for culvert stabilisation that allows continuous batching and pouring of concrete at a rate of 60m3 per hour.  Along with state of the art batching equipment we have all terrain agitators that can    either self load or be fed by the main plant. The onsite batching equipment allows us to come in, set up, and pour concrete the same day and be gone the next.

No more expensive set up cost and mobilisation costs. The company’s products include but are not limited to:

  • Stabilised materials
  • Concrete from 15MPa blinding to 50MPa high strength concrete
  • Concrete suitable for spray & pump mixes
  • Concrete added with plasticizer for early strength & fibre for extra durability
  • Coloured concrete
  • Precast concrete elements from retaining walls, tie downs and precast footings

Due to the extreme realities of the Pilbara climate, it is necessary to have bigger & stronger structures to withstand the high wind conditions.  Portacrete ® SX5’s as a company of the Pilbara aims to meet these high standards with any product supplied to ensure it is compatible to D Region wind ratings.