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The right concrete for the job.

Mobile batching services for strong buildings and optimal outcomes.

Concrete is not one-size-fits all, and getting the wrong type of concrete could negatively impact project outcomes. Whether its premium concrete from stabilised materials or high strength structural concrete for structural bridges, we supply a variety of remote projects with the concrete they need.

Need bigger and stronger structures to withstand the high wind conditions? All our products are compatible to D Region wind ratings.

What to expect.

Using up-to-date Sami Batching Equipment from Italy, Portacrete SX5 produces concrete of all strengths and types, from a 100kg mix to 60m3 per hour continuously with accuracy to 99.9%.

Additionally, the company is equipped with terrain agitators that can self-load or be fed by the main plant. The mobile batching equipment allows our team to come to your site, set up, pour concrete the same day — and be gone the next. This means you’ll enjoy reduced set up and mobilisation costs.