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sx5 group.

See how SX5 operates.

SX5 Group is made up of three companies that offer specialised services, each with expertise in its field.

Civil Road & Rail SX5.

Director, Kenzie Smith, of the Eastern Gurama group, together with Directors, Ralph and Cherie Keller of SX5 Group, form the partnership Civil Road & Rail SX5.

Dedicated to civil earthworks, civil engineering, and land rehabilitation, Civil Road & Rail SX5 has stamped itself as a leading Aboriginal Contracting Company in the Pilbara. With a fleet of earthmoving equipment, the company also specialises in building construction, rail construction and site installations of mining camps and central facilities.

Civil Road & Rail SX5 has earned integrity, trust, and strong communication with the majority of the local traditional land owners of the Pilbara region, of which Kenzie Smith is a respected senior elder.

Civil Road & Rail SX5 is an exciting company committed to its employees, colleagues, clients, all aboriginal and non-aboriginal people and their communities. The commitment to build up the lives of others comes in the form of training, team participation, employment and business opportunities, alliances, sponsorships, apprenticeships and business development throughout the region.

Civil Road & Rail SX5 is honoured to achieved the respect of the indigenous people with a commitment to their communities. As a dedicated member of the community, the company has developed a training centre in Karratha. Through this facility, aboriginal and non-aboriginal people graduate with nationally accredited competencies and the confidence to enter into new employment opportunities.

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems.

Here, innovative thinking and proven capabilities create world class, environmentally sustainable facilities — with 6-star energy ratings — that meet client needs and exceed expectations. 

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems designs, manufactures, and installs high quality buildings that withstand the harsh Pilbara climate, including extreme heat and cyclonic winds. At times, the company has built and installed kitchen and dining facilities that become the cyclone refuge shelter for the mine sites when needed.

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems is recognised as a leading Aboriginal Contracting Company in the Pilbara, specialising in building construction and site installations of mining camps and central facilities.

Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems prioritses quality and safety throughout its various processes. For example, the company has engineered a building anchoring system for steel skids, utilising multiple anchors being set down in concrete up to 2.4 metres in depth. This engineered and certified system is far superior to conventional pre-cast fixings.

Portacrete SX5.

Known as the Pilbara’s mobile concrete batching specialists, Portacrete SX5 is an Aboriginal Contracting Company supplying remote jobs with high quality concrete.

With a Concrete Batch Plant in Pannawonica, this company has been supplying concrete in the town and surrounding sites since 2010. Whether its premium concrete from stabilised materials or high strength structural concrete for structural bridges, Portacrete SX5 supplies a variety of remote jobs with the concrete they need.

Due to the extreme realities of the Pilbara climate, it is necessary to have bigger and stronger structures to withstand the high wind conditions. All Portacrete SX5 products are compatible to D Region wind ratings.

Using up-to-date Sami Batching Equipment from Italy, Portacrete SX5 produces concrete of all strengths and types, from a 100kg mix to 60m3 per hour continuously with accuracy to 99.9%. Additionally, the company is equipped with terrain agitators that can self-load or be fed by the main plant. The onsite batching equipment allows the Portacomm SX5 team to come in, set up, and pour concrete the same day — and be gone the next. This means Portacomm SX5 clients enjoy massively reduced set up and mobilisation costs.