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Take a look behind the scenes.

Based in the Pilbara, SX5 Group is made up of three companies that provide a range of services and products to the resource industries throughout Western Australia. The Group is well situated to provide exemplary service to the Pilbara region and beyond.

Key commitments.

Sowing in, giving back.

We’re committed to advancing the opportunities and skills of our employees as well as the local communities we operate in.

As such, we’ve built our own training facilities in Karratha and developed one of the only indigenous and youth training programs, within the construction and resource sectors, Australia-wide. This program is part of our desire to providing ongoing training and advancement opportunities for our entire workforce. In doing so, we’ve also advanced the SX5 reputation as an employer of indigenous personnel, with current workforce content at 35%.

Our goal is to promote, foster, and develop all opportunities — of any shape and size — to empower Aboriginal people.

A thriving company culture.

Promoting a culture where all employees treat each other with dignity and respect is paramount. No matter the career, job, or everyday task at hand, we respect each other’s safety, health, and welfare. We’ve created a inclusive culture where staff feel supported, encouraged, and empowered, and genuinely enjoy coming to work each day.

Staff love what they do, and pass that passion on in the form of excellent services and outcomes that our clients benefit from.

Professional service, always.

We enter each day knowing our clients will receive the best — the best quality, service, communication, and outcomes. To ensure exemplary services across the board, we secure the services of professional personnel for key positions within the organisation.

We value leadership, wisdom, experience, and expertise in all fields, and continually improve staff capabilities with ongoing training. This is part of our promise to ensure only the highest level of professionalism in all things.

Branded with tradition.

The SX5 name is a proud one that stretches back to the 1940s. Sometime during this decade, Jack Smith acquired a stock brand to use with his stock horses, as well as cattle mustered on Crown or DeWitt land. At this point in life, he was working on Rocklea station near Paraburdo and lived around an area called Barbore — a windmill with that name sits there to this day. He intended to be an independent contractor and, alongside cousins and brothers, Jack set up a stock mustering team.

Jack and the family team were hired to go to Juna Downs Station to build fences, trap Brumby herds, build a team of stock horses, and muster wild cattle. Together, they built up the station stock, and after the development was complete, the team was contracted for a similar job at Mt Brockman Station. Eventually, Jack moved to Mulga Downs Station to work on new fences and muster Vermont cattle to Malena Station.

Up until this point, the stock brand used by Jack and his team was 6UB. In the 1970s, Jack applied for a new brand — SX5, which stands for Sammy Xray 5. It’s a name we’ve kept to this day. What started as a humble cattle brand in outback Australia has turned into a thriving organisation that’s made a difference across Western Australia.